The first classes of Holy Light Bible Institute began on September 5, 1955. Three years later, they purchased more land and property on the north bank of the Little Love River to accommodate a larger student body. Because there was a continued growth in enrollment, a new building project began in the fall of 1963 and a three-story structure was completed in April 1966.

Larger facilities and a good reputation attracted even more students to the school. By the late 1970’s, people felt the need to enlarge the facilities once again. On graduation day of 1983, the Board of Trustees announced the plan for rebuilding. Five years later, an eight-story building plus a full basement (totaling about 79,000 square feet of floor space) was formally opened in October 1988.

In 1997, the school built offices for full time-faculty members on the 8th floor. In 1999, the school purchased six apartments above a near-by department store to house married students. In September 1999, we added a full-time staff member in the area of computers/information.

Because of continuing increases in number of students since 2001, the current space has become rather tight. We, therefore, redesigned the then empty space on the 9th floor and put a new roof over it before we added three new rooms for use as counseling rooms; an Individual Counseling Room, a Family Counseling Room, and a Group Counseling Room. We also moved the Activity Center that was on the 8th floor to the top floor. We then remodeled the empty space on the 8th floor into several large class-rooms.

In 2005, due to the lack of classrooms and the decrease of the student number living on campus, we combined the two student dormitories originally located on the 4th and 7th floors onto the 4th floor and remodeled the dormitory of the 7th floor into classrooms and seminar rooms.