Holy Light’s future campus in Shanlin is poised to become one of Taiwan’s finest examples of a school dedicated to education, spiritual formation, contemplation and rest.

After many years of hard work, we at Holy Light finally submitted our application for registration to the Ministry of Education for review. The review process is long and complex. It requires much patience. Included in the plans are our mission and an outline of the work to be done.

Our Mission

The campus is located in the majestic and resource-rich Shanlin district of Kaohsiung. The environs strike one just as Moses described the beautiful land of Canaan, “a land of hills and valleys which drinks water from the rain of heaven.” Building off that vision, we at Holy Light wish to stay true to our nature and incorporate visual elements from the Holy Land of Israel, in addition to key images and scenes from the Bible in the new campus. Our students and scholars will be able to soak up the immersive environment, subconsciously taking it all in while the atmosphere around them subtly brightens their day, allowing the Seminary to become an ideal place for teaching and learning.

Our Plan

Our plan consists of four main pillars. The first element involves the campus’ main building. This multi-function center will incorporate places for teaching, administration, research and worship. It will include libraries, dormitories and other spaces with a variety of other uses. Of particular note is a wailing wall that will extend opposite the chapel on the first floor. The chapel’s eastern wall will contain glass panels that will allow those inside to peek out at this Wailing Wall. The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the most holy place in the world for Jews to pray. For centuries, Jews have traveled there to face the wall and pray, remembering the destruction of the Holy Temple. Some even bring their Bible and spend the entire day there immersed in the word of God.

The second element will lie to the northwest of the main building. Amidst approximately 7.5 acres, we plan to construct our own Sea of Galilee. Extending from it, a replica of the Jordan River will slowly wind its way into a new Dead Sea. Serving as an anchor, these two seas will be surrounded by historical scenes and landmarks of nearby ancient cities. For example, a Via Dolorosa, with the fourteen Stages of the Cross Jesus walked before his crucifixion, will be built in this area. These reconstructions will allow those on the campus to contemplate, reflect, remember and follow the example of the guiding truth of Jesus’ servant leadership. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

The Bible is full of references to many plants, including grape vines, olive trees, fig trees and acacia trees. All of these and more will be planted throughout the campus. The feeling these plants will arouse in visitors will have them imagining they have been temporarily transported to a miniature Holy Land. Religious devotion surely will be deepened in such evocative environs.

The third element of the plan is a retreat camp. The camp’s purpose will be to provide a place for spiritual devotion and contemplation for all of Taiwan’s churches. Via Dolorosa and the evocative scenery will assist in helping all visitors to find spiritual renewal. Additionally, the retreat camp will offer an opportunity for the school and the greater Christian community to interact. The school cannot exist outside of the church. Our students come from many different churches and a high percentage of our budget support come from the churches as well. The camp will afford all Taiwan’s Christians a chance to get closer to Holy Light and support it in a whole new way.

Finally, our plan for Mission Village includes living quarters to accommodate 20 to 30 missionaries. This area will provide those on sabbatical a place for reflection and spiritual growth. In the warm and enriching academic atmosphere of Holy Light, the missionaries will be able to renew their strength before they once again set out to soar on wings like an eagle. Additionally, with missionaries’ ever-present, the students too will benefit. Their interactions with the missionaries will bring them new and different perspectives, opening their eyes to the world as they grow to better appreciate missionary work. Through this understanding, after the students graduate and move on to pastor their church, they naturally will be drawn to provide the vital support missionaries need in the field, whether that support be spiritual or financial. As a final note, we will encourage all missionaries staying in the Mission Village home to write down their reflections on their missionary experiences and share them with the community by publishing these insights through Holy Light’s publishing house. This immensely valuable resource will be cherished by young and upcoming missionaries soon to enter the field.

It is our belief that we are on the precipice of creating something new: a visually breathtaking campus unrivaled in Taiwan in its commitment to education, spiritual formation, contemplation and rest.

The cost of this project is approximately USD13.4 million. To cover this cost, we need the prayers and financial support of all our brothers and sisters who care about the future growth of Holy Light. May the Lord bless your support, be it great or small, to accomplish His will for His glory.